Gypsy Whimsy

Hi, I’m Justine,

Welcome to My Magazine…


I can remember back to being a child sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, beaming wide-eyed at the wall rack full of magazines. The same feeling crossed me in the news isle at grocery stores, or in the publications section at the library.

When I got my hands on my own, usually a hand me down from my grandma or one of my aunts, I would leaf through it ever so carefully, savoritng every word from cover to cover. First from the back to the front ( I don’t know why, but I still do it that way to this day), then front to back.

Whether it was an issue of Redbook, Woman’s Day, or Highlights, I would tear out all the pages that inspired me, and methodically file them into folders, creating issues of a series of sort of MY MAG issues.

I was fascinated by the shiny pages and colorful advertisements that filled the pages of magazines, and ever since I could read, I wanted to have my own.

Now, in the days of online – everything, and nothing but opportunity at our fingertips, I’ve grown to love scouring pinterest and blogs the same way.

Since it’s a little unreasonable to try to produce an actual complete publication of shiny bound pages sprouting an array of perfume samples and ads for the newest what-is, I’ve come to write a blog.  This blog to be exact.

It’s been hard to define exactly WHAT this blog is about, as I find it a monstrous task to shove all my creativity and abundant ideas into a single neatly packaged boxed category.

I consider myself to be very much a ‘Jack of all Trades’, and even a Master of Some!

I can’t put my concept in a box, nor can I put myself there.

As I grow and discover myself, my best definition has emerged as Freelance, Free-Spirit…

I’m a Wanderer, I’m a Nomad, and I am a Gypsy.

So here, I share insight, ideas, tutorials & links to all things Gypsy Freedom.

You’ll find frugal and money saving budgeting tips, along with home making, and pet-raising advice.

I’ll be writing on my healthy lifestyle choices, and my fitness journey.

Crafty and Artsy Tutorials, and things that I discover over time about living a happy, healthy, and most importantly, a balanced life.

If there’s anything that you would like me to write on, I would love to hear your suggestions, or drop me a line just to chat. My goal is to always respond to every email!

Contact me at – I love to correspond with my readers.

Have a delightful day!