DIY All-Natural Room Freshener & Disinfectant PET SAFE



As I may have mentioned, I have pets.
Correction:  I have SIX pets…
Myself, four dogs, and two cats make up our big fluffy family, and we do almost everything together – including sleep in my queen sized bed.
I love my babies!
What don’t I love?
I’m always on the hunt for natural and safe products to clean up after, and cover the trail of the critters, and even though we stay
on regular grooming and bathing schedules, there’s still no escaping the fact that a housefull of animals can
stale freshness faster than open windows can clear it.

The few safe and natural ones that I have found, come with a heavy price
tag that I just can’t stomach knowing there has to be a DIY option for pennies on those dollars…


Just walking around outside is enough to track dirt and who knows what else inside the house and possibly into our bed.

In attempt to conserve resources and my own energy, I’ve wanted a DIY home cleaner, that also smelled REALLY good.  Between
baths, feedings, exercise, and fun, I don’t have the time to waste on tedious cleaning with
a bucket full of commercial products,  followed by rinsing super good so that the animals
don’t track through the poison residue that many leave behind, and finally going back
around spraying another layer of product to cover the toxic smell of cleaners that I loathe.
I was determined to find a one-bottle, all purpose disinfectant that smelled SO good, that
it could be mistaken as an air freshener, but had enough cleaning power to help me cut
through dirt and germs quickly and effectively.
After months of trying bucketfuls of recipes for kitchen-science household product
replacements, THIS is my final cumulative recipe, and I’m glad to announce that using it
daily has cut my cleaning work by over HALF!
I hope you (and your fur babies) enjoy!
~ Bottle with Spray Top – Glass is best, but I’ve used plastic as some kitty ‘accidentally’ happened to knock the glass one off the counter
~ Measuring Cups
~ Funnel
~ Jar or Bowl to mix in
~ 1 Cup White Vinegar
~ 4 Cups Distilled Water
~ 1 TBSP rubbing alcohol or unflavored vodka
~ 1-2 TSP Essential Oils – I change the kind I use often so it doesn’t get burning, but my favorite combination is 1 part Lemon, 1 part Orange, and 2 parts Peppermint
~ *Optional* I like to add ONE single, gentle drop of food coloring to the mix, and sometimes a tiny pinch of glitter dust. If you have a lot of white linens or carpets, you’ll probably
want to skip this step.  I try to make my home feel like my whimsical wonderland retreat, so for us a bit of shimmer is a great bonus. The food coloring just makes the solution pretty (think Windex – it’s blue cause clear is borning).
Easy Assembly of this solution in under 3 minutes!
Measure out each of the ingredients and mix in jar or bowl, then stir in the oils.
Transfer solution into the spray bottle using the funnel and screw on the cap securely.
Anytime you use this, just give it a little shake and go!
I spray it on my carpets, bare floors (be sure to dry fully before walking over), countertops, appliances, shower, toothbrushes and holder, pet toys and more. The list is endless, it’s literally my everything go to product – even great on windows!
Tip – If you want a fresh clean feeling with a soft scent, a light mist up in the air allowed to settle on surfaces will suffice.
If you need a deeper clean, you can spray it directly on countertops, most furniture, and appliances and either wipe or allow to air dry.
For stronger scent on fabrics like curtains or couches and carpet, it’s better to do two or three layers of mist from about 5 inches away, drying 60 seconds or so in between instead of one heavy layer.
Finally! A pet-safe alternative to toxic commercial cleaners and room scent sprays!
Ive tested this product on nearly every surface in my home and had nothing but good experience, however I make no guarantees for safety of any concoction suggested in my blogs. Use common sense, if it’s a special surface, contact the manufacturer for cleaning instructions. Keep out of reach of children and pets when not in use, keep away from mouth, eyes, ears, etc, and do not ingest. In the case of accidental ingestion or contact with eyes, contact your local poison control center, or call 911 immediately.


  1. I too have been searching for a natural yet fresh smelling alternative to the harsh chemicals in most cleaners . Thank you for the ideas . I love being able to put essential oils in this cleaner as it really can personalize it and make it your own ! I will give this a try !


  2. Love love love DIY!!! I make my own laundry detergent, it lasts forever, you use less, I feel my cloths are fresher, and it’s cheap!!!!!
    You know what’s in the items and leaves you with extra spending money for other things!


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