Find Out How I Paid Only $0.46 for All This Produce (& Free $10$ For You)

Find Out How I Paid Only $0.46 for All This Produce

(& Free $10$ For You)


So lately, mom and I have been in co-op are trying  to get more produce into our diets and I ‘I’ve been trying to figure out how to do so while pinching pennies for my new place.

I have used Ibotta before ( you may even have seen me blog about it on my other sites before). How Ibotta works is there are all these instant rebates on items – some of them are pretty general, like $ off any bread, or any banana.

The best way to explain it is Ibotta is a free app that basically pays you back instantly for buying groceries that you already buy.  There’s no catch – the manufacturers pay for the advertising and marketing research they gather from all the siubmitted reciepts and YOU get the profit – and even free groceries!

You unlock the rebate with a click of a button and buy your product. Then you just scan your receipt. That’s it – money in ack in your pocket!

So I noticed there were some Any Onion, Tomato, & Banana on the app which would equal $1 cash back on each.

I had Mom get the app as well, and we headed to the store.

I seriously weighed each item to make sure it would be somewhat close to the rebate amount. I was off by $.46 all together – which is my final cost!

BEST part is, those kind of rebates keep coming back.  I’ll be using Ibotta every time I shop now!


Go Through THIS LINK and after you submit your first rebate, you get a free bonus of $10 bucks!!

Want more Free Money? Check out this steal!


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