Review – ItWorks!

As a big part of my Freelance Free Spirit Lifestyle, I use and distribute a few of my favorite high quality products.

Whether as a gift or as a treat for yourself, I personally promise you that these three products will be a WOW..

MY Three Secret Weapons are: ItWorks!, LipSense, & Jamberry

What products do you love and represent? I love hearing about your experiences and opportunities! Comment below what company you’re with or are interested in joining!

Ok, so first off, what IS It Works Global?


It’s my secret weapon for always looking and feeling my absolute best! < id=”Unique-identifier2″> They have weight

management supplements, skin care, and lifestyle products that I live for.
It Works is a rapidly growing health and wellness company that has amazing products to help you look younger, feel amazing in your skin, and live longer.

We have first to market body wraps that help to tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 minutes!

Everyone wants them and you can get them through me! πŸ˜‰

I’ve been a Diamond Independent IT Works Distributor for over 15 months, making on average $2200.00 monthly passive income, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for these products. If you’re interested in learning how you can become a distributor and be coached by me personally, go here.

My own personal first experience with It Works
I’m not only a distributor though, I’m a successful testimony that this company can change lives. For more about how starting my own It Works business changed my life, go HERE.

My First Promotion with ItWorks
Please email me or comment any questions that you have. I love to answer your questions and turn my skeptics into believers!

My Skinny Wraps Tighten Tone & Firm the Skin in only 45 Minutes!
I would love to help you have a great experience with these products or by joining my team.

Go HERE to See What Products We Have!

Go HERE to learn more about joining my team!

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Next, I’m so excited to share my secret to keeping my lipstick on point all the time even through eating, drinking, and kissing!

LipSense by Surgence

LipSense is a revolutionary new lipstick that stays on all day and doesn’t smear or transfer!


Last but certainly not least, is my secret for keeping my nails always looking fly!

Jamberry nail wraps stay on longer than nail polish and don’t chip or smear or wear off at all!

And they come in so many fun colors patterns and styles that you could never achieve with nail polish alone.


Jamberry is a non toxic adhesive wrap for your nails. They come in over 350 designs plus they can be designed to fit you! Have a direct sales business or favorite pet you want to wear on your nails, let’s design it πŸ™‚ Jamberry wraps come in Adult and Children Sizes so yes you can have matching jamicure with your mini me. No need to worry if your little one sucks their fingers, Jamberry is non toxic and gluten free!

One sheet of jamberry’s have enough wraps for 2 pedicures, 2 manicures, and a few accent nails. On average most sheets costs $15. That is less than $3 for a pedicure or manicure. You have the ability to mix sheets for your own unique style.


Better yet, the everyday special is buy 3 get 1 free! So yes, buy 3 sheets of jams and get 1 sheet for free. This is my favorite part…..drum roll please…….Jams will last on your fingers up to 2 weeks and on your toes for up to 4 weeks!!!!! How awesome is that πŸ™‚ Jamberry doesn’t only offer these amazing nail wraps. We have a jamazing selection of nail lacquer and our own “gel” tru shine system. Need some nail tools for hand care? We have that as well. The nourish is a lovely hand cream and we have cuticle oil that not only smells great but gives your cuticles the care they need for a perfect manicure.


Jamberry is an American based company that is more of a family (aka jamily)compared to a business. They offer a great compensation plan and why not get paid to have pretty nails? Would you like to join me in my love of jams, send me a message. I would love to share the joy with you! How about a jamberry party? We can do that too. Host a party on line or do a get together and earn free product. Hostess will earn free product with just a $100 purchase total (that is only 2 buy 3 get free deals).


I enjoy seeing new customers do the 7 day challenge. Get a free sample and place on one nail as an accent nail. Then place your favorite nail polish on remaining nails. Then, keep me updated with pics and by day 7, I want to see how your polish compares to the jam!
Still on the fence over these jams? How about a free sample? Message me and I can mail you a free sample. All I ask in return is wear the jam then tell me how you like it!

Visit for more information!


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