Empowering Undies & $15 For You!

Move Over Victoria, There’s A New Secret In Town!


Do you smile ear to ear when you open your undie drawer? I do.

Naja, is my #1 favorite source for All-Things-Panty. It’s awe-inspiring, perfectly fitting designs aside, it’s a refreshingly aware and caring brand owned and operated by only women.

Here’s $15, treat yourself to a new pair of Naja underwear!

Naja is changing the way women shop for lingerie as well as changing the industry as a whole through the company’s dedication to changing women’s lives.

”We did away with fake wind blowing into models’ hair and poses singularly aimed at the male gaze in order to connect with the smart, courageous, and sexy women of today”


“We want to disrupt the way lingerie is marketed toward women by creating a brand that seeks to empower women instead of objectifying them. We did away with fake wind blowing into models’ hair and poses singularly aimed at the male gaze in order to connect with the smart, courageous, and sexy women of today”.


Naja’s garment factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of households where they are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits.


”We chose to aid single mothers, because many have to choose between working and caring for their children. At Naja, we’ve implemented flexible work policies that make it easier for women to balance work and childcare. Every child of a Naja garment worker receives books, school supplies, uniforms and all school meals paid by Naja”.

Uh, where do I apply?!

Here’s $15! Treat yourself to a pair of new underwear!

Naja, my favorite source for All-Things-Panty, is a refreshingly aware and caring brand. Focused on more than just sales, this eco-conscious, women founded and run company offers not only quality, but inspiration to its customers, and shares the wealth through their ‘Underwear for Hope’ program.


IMG_1490Through their Underwear for Hope program, Naja employs women in the slums of IMG_1473Colombia to make lingerie bags that are offered with each Naja purchase. This program allows marginalized women, who would otherwise have difficulty finding employment opportunities, to work from home and become their own “micro-entrepreneurs”. Two percent of Naja’s revenue is also donated to local charities that provide continuing education to these women.

With every purchase from Naja, I feel good that I am helping empower another woman’s life.

The soft, girly patterns and designs are complimented by soft and silky comfortable to wear fabrics, adorned with the prettiest birds, floral, and whimsical prints.


-And Their Secret?

Catering to our appreciation of The Finer Things, they’ve hidden inspiring, unexpected interior prints inside the super-breathable memory foam cups, & hand-harvested Peruvian cotton linings of these little pieces of wearable art.


My friends at Naja have allowed me to make this special offer to my valued readers, of $15 off your first purchase of $75, and Free Shipping!


Go HERE to view their awesome catalog of active wear, ‘cheeky knickers’, & other underwear treasures.


Some information contained in this article was adapted from this page.


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