How You Can Get Paid Cash For Already Using The Internet

Market Research is a hugely booming industry right now.  If you know anything about the internet, you know that brands are constantly trying to reach the most applicable users directly.

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Think about it:  You Googled that new black face mask video and watched the lady squeal & shriek as she pulled her face off with it 72 times…

Next thing you know, every single sidebar ad on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet is offering you a special deal on everything activated charcoal!

Just like some company is paying some company for your browsing history, so they know what to try to sell you, some other companies are willing to pay YOU directly for that same kind of information.

The Digital Reflection Panel sends it’s members an internet meter that is plugged into their router, and monitors the internet traffic of the household.

Your personal information is safe and remains private.  They are simply recording when, for how long, and on which devices your household is browsing the web – not which sites in particular.

This information is used in some type of market research, and the company pays you to literally do nothing that you aren’t already doing.

When you sign up, you’ll get a meter in the mail in about 5 days.  You get $20  for installing it into your router – literally a quick plug in that took me 25 seconds, and you also get a bonus $5 if you do that within 48 hours of receiving the package.

After that you do nothing for 4-7 weeks, and you accumulate funds in your account at a rate of $10 a month.

Somewhere between your 4 and 7 weeks mark, you’ll get an email asking you to install a program on one or some of your devices, for deeper tracking. If you opt into this, you’ll accrue another $20-$25.

You can cash your account out at $50 increments.

Is this a get rich quick program?

Hell no.

But it IS a month or two worth of internet paid for in a year.

As a Freelancer, it’s important to have lots and lots of streams of income.  Learning not to snark at the small streams is critical to success for anyone wanting to live this lifestyle.

So for me, finding and joining this program was a big hoorah – it’s 100% passive money that costs me nothing – and that’s exactly how I like it. 😉

As far as I know, at the time of publishing this post, there is not an affiliate incentive for recruiting for Digital Reflection Panel.  I do always strive to share ways that you guys can earn for sharing, but I believe this one only pays for using.  If you know anything else, please share…

Do you have any slow growing streams of passive income like this?  I’d love to hear about them!  Comment below and fill me in!














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