About The Author

About The Author

“I’m a Bitch, I’m a Lover, I’m a Child, I’m a Mother; I’m a Sinner, I’m a Saint, I do not feel ashamed”…

Hi! I’m Justine, and Welcome to My Blog!

I’m a sun & fun loving Cleveland-Raised Vegetarian, living in the great Welaka Woods of northern Florida, who drinks lots of water – a little whisky.

I love to party and I love to travel.

I share my adventures and travels with my ‘flock’, the Loves Of My Life: 4 wonderful dogs, 2 frisky kitties.

Aside from juggling my litttle circus of a life, I like to spend my free time splashing in puddles, playing tea-party, practicing yoga & ballet, running, doing anything-and-everything with my animals, meditating, and studying spirituality.

Most evenings though, you can find me at a rock show!

I’m super into having freedom and not having a ‘job’ – so that means being frugal and creative with my finances. Couponing and thrift shopping is fun to me. There’s nothing like the thrill of catching bargains!

My goal in this blog is to create a network where Freelancers can share ideas, leads, and community support for bloggers and other types of creative freelancing ways to earn money to avoid ‘punching a clock’.

It’s all about freedom. To me, freedom means never having to punch a clock scheduled by someone else. Scheduled Gigs? Yes. Individual  Appointments? Absolutely. Traditional 9-5 – Hell No.

I gladly accept guest bloggers on relevant topics! Email me at jcsucceeds@gmail.com to be a feature on this blog!

Growing food is also something I absolutely love…

For a living, I own and operate a handful of freelance businesses, including writing blogs, fiction, and reviews. I make and sell art and crafts at markets and online. Oh- and I’m learning to sew! Ebay Reseller.

Im plagued with the beautiful gift of overwhelming amounts of Creativity and Inspiration, my blood type is definitely G+ (g is for glitter of course)…


I’m a licensed Managing Cosmetologist in multiple states, with over ten years experience, and I pickup side gigs Slinging Drinks and Hosting at various Nightclub Events, when I have the time.


It’s important to me to stay busy and love fiercely, because this all ends. All we can do is try to make the most of it!

Read and write, write and read…


As a deeply emotional and spiritual individual, I sometimes find it difficult to manage depression and bipolar tendencies, but it can be done, and I’m living proof that perseverance conquers all. Read more about my survival story HERE.. …..

Thanks for visiting ~

xx Justine

Freedom isn’t found, its cultivated.

Please drop me a comment or a email – I love to chat with my readers and I try to respond to every message!

“I saw the angel in the marble, so I carved until I set him free” -Michaelangelo