DIY Tutorials


Who doesn’t like a good DIY project?

Now in the days of instant-everything, from ‘just add water to grow your own dream home’, to pillage and plunder the deep sea for supplies, everyone out there is making something, and I’m no exception.

Alongside of my usual affinity for the hands on nature of home made everything, I’ve grown a new appreciation for the tutorials that dissect the processes of so many things that none of us would probably see in a lifetime if it weren’t for the magic of the interwebs.

From art, to crafts, to cooking, and homesteading, I’ve probably dabbled in it.

Here is a gathering of some of my most loved projects and how to do them yourself.

Im always open to suggestions, so please comment your input and ideas!

1. Disinfectant spray


2. How to Make Your Own Beautiful Dream Catchers – 3 Ways